Vaneh Petrossian

Metamorphose is  the exploration of my passion for art, and paintings in particular, by capturing them the way I see and feel. By using my imagination. I always tend to find a movement, a motion in every solid thing. It’s the way I make connection with that piece of artwork and feel it real.These photographs reflect and reveal my own visual interpretation of  the beauty of a painting or an art work.

Artist Bio:
I was born and grew up in Tehran, Iran, where I graduated from high school and received my degree in Electrical engineering. Despite my career and rigorous education, I am an emotional person and have a sensitive character; therefore I find myself looking for something to feed the shy and introverted part of my personality. I found it in writing, acting and later on in photography.
I have been in love with photography since I was a teenager, when I started to shoot with a canon 110 film camera. Then the cameras got bigger and more complex, as I was growing older and more complex.
I have always struggled with the paradox of being a realist engineer or a dreamful artist. And have always been tried to find a balance in between, which I have discovered is nonsense!  I am both things and each side of me completes the other.
As a woman who has grown up in a country does not support women’s rights, I had to work hard to prove my abilities. This challenge made me stronger, but I realized that staying in Tehran would not allow me to move forward.  I wanted to be visible, to have a voice and make my mark, so I left my homeland, left all that was familiar to grow into the woman I want to be.
After my immigration to The United states, the land of opportunities, I decided to follow my dreams and become a photographer. But more importantly, I am living the way I would like to live, thinking creatively and creating freely, and becoming an authentic me.

Artist Statement:
I take photographs to freeze the moments, to pause time in order to share the very important meanings and angles of life with viewers. Photography is another way of communication to me, an effective way of talking about people, their culture and values in life. I use photography to express my very deep feelings and emotions when I would rather not to talk about them.
As a photographer, I like to make people to look at and evaluate a really good photograph in the same way as they would a great painting, as a beautiful and a meaningful piece of art.

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  1. I love your photos and also this one. I wish you great success :*