Gary Quart

We really never see the grandeur of our world by seeing the small, isolated items 
in large, empty, vast areas.  We go so fast we miss the obvious as they blend in 
to the landscape.  My photos show a few of those isolated subjects that are out
there in nowhere.

Artist Bio:
Gary Quart is a self taught photographer.  He picked up his first camera at 9yrs of age.  He obtained his first changeable lens camera while in the Army in Korea.  Gary says he pointed and shot at EVERYTHING, not knowing what he was missing by just pointing the camera.  While stationed in Germany he was able to begin doing darkroom work.  He's been hooked since then.  He has worked with most camera formats and film types.   After retiring from the LA County Sheriff Department,  Gary decided that he needed some guidance in his photography.  Emersing himself in the Julia Dean Photo Workshops, or as he says, "Getting that little push.", Gary has discovered his direction.

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