Suzanne Garner

Suzanne Garner’s Remnants focuses on the historical and faded advertisements that sit on the sides of buildings in urban landscapes. These glimpses of previous times are often unseen and unnoticed, revealing the past and present as they co-exist. It is her desire to capture these unique cultural expressions before they disappear, as they not only provide an insight in to commerce, but now are manifestations of quiet beauty.

Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like?
I spent most of my early childhood moving around the western United States between Washington, California and New Mexico before settling in Texas in 1978. I was very active child…band, ballet, cheerleading, color guard, drill team, gymnastics, swimming, track and volleyball to name a few. If I wasn’t at some type of event I spent many hours shadowing my father who was a camera salesman and testing out his newest camera which I put to good use on all long driving vacations to many of our national parks and throughout the south visiting relatives.

Who or what are influential in your work?
I love old, broken or restored things…color, contrast, natural light and the written word. I want my audience to lean in, ponder what they see or don’t see and take part in the serendipitous treasure hunt.

What is one of your favorite sayings, quotes or piece of advice?
"Become a "possibilatarian" – possibility is born in the moments when we really listen to what is calling us in our lives. – Kelly Rae Roberts

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