Mindi LaRose

The phrase is used time and again, “Empty Nest”.  There is the sense of accomplishment of a raised family but also a loss unexplainable unless you have lived through it.   In photography terms, it is the black & white stage of life with an initial quiet emptiness.   The loss is contrasted to the colorful and vibrant life before, full of children’s voices and their presence that naturally lit up every room in the house.
Artist Bio:
Los Angeles photographer, Mindi LaRose, specializes in photojournalism and fine art photography.  A recent transplant from Washington State, Mindi was a weekly assignment photographer in the Seattle area since 2005, with clients that included a variety of news outlets.  Her portrait and commercial work ran the gambit from politicians to beer drinkers, the Chamber of Commerce to the man on the street. A natural storyteller, her photography appeared in the “Mercy” music video produced for Dave Matthews Band.
Mindi also donates her time and talents to a host of foundations, including Make-A-Wish and Taproot of Los Angeles, amongst others.  She has worked as a regional photo editor and her work was included in the Smithsonian Magazine’s My Kind of Town issue, in addition to a long list of publications—magazines, books, and brochures.
Mindi brings a unique vision to her work—that of a cultural observer, but also a compassionate and focused photographer that seeks to capture humanity with dignity and insight.

Artist Statement:
I like to capture emotion most of all; if possible, manipulating that emotion to my side of the story.  I like documentary and storytelling…photos full of layers, and timeless.  Similar to my personality, my work often evokes a quiet melancholy, and a yearning for the ideal.  
Editing is something I enjoy because the mood can often be changed or adjusted to more accurately describe the scene. I like to shoot with my Nikon d7000 for its professional qualities but have taken some of my favorite pictures with a Kodak Easyshare 6490.  I don’t care much about technical aspects of photography; to me, it is more about the emotional impact we get that is most important.
Where did you grow up and what was your childhood like?
Family dinners, swimming pools, cousins, brothers, different schools in different towns, God and Jesus, travel and Disneyland, photo albums, love, mom and dad together, mom and dad apart, boyfriend, stress, work, friends, and parties. These are the things that come to mind when I think of my childhood. I grew up in Arizona, California, and New Mexico. My family is still very close.

Who or what are influential in your work?
My husband is the biggest supporter of my work.  I give credit to him for every leap in my photographic career, and I am forever grateful.  Other Influences include my daughters, old-school Life magazine photography, storytellers in photojournalism, and fashion magazines like Bazaar and Vogue.

What is one of your favorite sayings, quotes or piece of advice?
Good decisions come from wisdom. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from bad decisions.

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